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1. Cycling and walking should be the norm for all short journeys, experts say, to lower the risk of ill health.

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2. Juiann Moore has said the most rewarding part of her role in Still Alice has been helping to raise awareness about Alzheimer's.

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3. Five companies have now registered claims for damages against the ECJ because of the delays in settling cases.

They include businesses in the Netherlands and France found guilty and fined for running cartels. If successful, compensation payouts could total £20m.

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4. Mud, rocks and tree trunks destroyed many houses in poor neighbourhoods close to the river.

Resident Jorge Quintero described his ordeal when the landslide hit the village: "When I felt my house shaking we got out, my family and me. When we got out, we were stuck in the middle of the landslide, it was coming from both sides and we were in the middle".

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